Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I get seasick?

    Answer: The ship has stabilizers to keep it from rocking and rolling too much and in general, the seas you will be sailing in are mostly calm. However, storms and winds can kick up, making the seas a bit more rough. If you are prone to seasickness, it's recommended to keep a seasickness patch on while at sea. I'll also do my best to try to find you a cabin as centrally located as possible, based on current availability.

  • What is the cancellation penalty?

    Answer:  In order to receive a full refund, notice of cancellation must be received in writing by Star Clippers no later than 120 days prior to sailing.  After that time, the following penalties will apply: 
    • 119-90 days prior: $400 per person (Categories 2-6) or $800 per person (Category 1, Deluxe, Owners)
    • 89-60 days prior: 50% of cruise fare
    • 59-30 days prior: 75% of cruise fare
    • 29 days prior or less: no refund
    • *Regardless of the date of cancellation, there is no refund of the $50 per person agency service fee*

  • Can I bring my children?

    Answer:  While children are welcome, please know there are no formal programs or services for kids. They will also be charged the rate as an adult. Please note there is a maximum of 3 per cabin (except in the Owners Suite) and the number of triple cabins are limited. Families of 4 or more will have to book more than one cabin, and one adult of 18 years or older will be required in each cabin. Cabins are are not adjoining but we will make every effort to book you as close to one another as possible.

  • What is the dress code?

    Answer:  Leave your suit and cocktail dress at home because there's no formal attire needed on this cruise! Throughout the day, feel free to wear a sundress, bathing suit, shorts, etc. For dinner, men will need a pair of dress pants and a collared shirt and women will need an informal dress or pair of pants.

  • I have some mobility issues.  Will I be able to navigate the ship OK? 

    Answer: There are no elevators on the ship so guests must be able to ambulate up and down narrow staircases and around some obstacles on the upper deck like ropes and cleats. When arriving in some ports, you may be required to take a tender boat into shore, which may indicate a wet landing. You must feel comfortable transferring from the ship into a smaller boat.
  • I follow a specific diet.  Will the staff be able to prepare foods I can eat? 

    Answer:  The ship maintains a very small galley and limited number of kitchen staff.  While they do their best to accommodate everyone's needs, not all dietary preparations are possible.  It's best to inquire directly if you have concerns.